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Yes, please give me instant access to The Girlfriend Activation System! The entire, girlfriend-getting, step-by-step system is nearly mine, at a price I'll NEVER see again.  My purchase of The Girlfriend Activation System includes…

The System ($1997 value)

The closed-door seminar that was attended by only 5 men worldwide, where the secrets of the Girlfriend Activation System are revealed once and for all.  I'll get video, audio and transcripts of the whole course.

Complete Confidence Hypnosis

($497 value) – The subliminal mind programming tool for installing the "inner voice" of a confident, charismatic man.

The Breathtaking Hello

($97 value) – Word for word, natural conversations openers that have been tested on hundreds of women, on the streets and in the bars of New York City

Endless Conversations

($297 value) – The fireside seminar where I reveal the dead-simple formula for talking to anyone about anything, and never running out of things to say.

R-rated Texting

($197 value) - Tips and techniques for bringing out a girl's naughtiest side, including the step-by-step process for getting her to send me naked photos.

TSM Society (14-Day Trial)

(14 day trial) - I’ll get trial access to The Social Man Society - the elite, ass-kicking member’s only community featuring exclusive insider interviews, courses, live Q&A webinars, and action plans to help you quickly internalize everything you learn at TSM, bring you success and happiness, and WIN at life. It's only $24.20 per week, billed monthly, and I will only be charged after if I stay past the 14 day trial. I can cancel at any time with zero hassle by simply calling 888-405-1915, or replying to my welcome email, and requesting cancellation.

Surprise Bonuses

($197 value) - I'll receive other surprises that will be waiting for me when I log in.

Total Value: $3282.00

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Highly Recommend!!! Changed my life!

By Hector B.
Verified Purchase

One time watching the GFAS videos, and I felt like I had completely changed my mindset on women. I got a girlfriend two weeks later and we have been happily dating for just over 3 months.

Thank you for your time and promptness. I have and will continue to speak highly of The Social Man community and the Girlfriend Activation System.

Quality teachings for my life

By Jason B.
Verified Purchase

Hi Christian
I wanted to show my appreciation for the guidance this program has lent me, it's shown me who I rly am and to embrace that person, that way the right women can not only be attracted to me and want me badly, but fall head over heals for the real me! I'm in the process of a major move to go live in Germany and because of that took myself off the market of serious dating, I found new confidence in using your system and could flirt and pull in my type of women for a fun time or two and it not go badly. One of just such occasion though caused me to stumble into the life of a women that could have step out of a dream, and still put my dreams to shame. Two months later we find were madly in love with each other and she's moving to London to study in Oxford, just a stones throw away from where I'll be living. So I guess I'm thanking you for guiding me on my fated path, and giving me the courage to make this Union a reality.

Grateful to GFAS!!

By AJ.
Verified Purchase

I now have model girls constantly texting me and fighting for my attention. Never have I ever thought that the simple techniques and teachings from The Girlfriend Activation System would have such impact on my life. I was in a really tough place when I first purchased your product and now there are so many girls in my life I am having trouble trying to keep track of all of them. Best of all they are all fully aware and know of each other as they all fight for my time and attention. It's fun when I invite all of them to a party and watch as they all talk about me with each other.

I'm really just reaching out to you because I'd like to personally thank you for showing me that anyone can live this lifestyle and be completely happy. I feel like such a better person and a more evolved human being. I will probably never get the chance to formally thank you in person, so I hope this email gets to you because I am truly grateful.

Again, thank you so much for your teachings Christian. You've helped mold me into the Man I've always wanted to be.

Got me a good women, cheers man

By David W.
Verified Purchase

Honestly it was the best decision i made. its not just about getting a girlfriend. After watching all the episodes from the GFAS i found every aspect of my life had improved. It amplifies ways how to bring out yourself, and improve in ways I didnt know existed. This is not just for hooking up. Its about finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. What I took away most is being genuine, and how much in different ways improving yourself benefits your life. I was single for 2 years, and was stuck in the hookup game. This system shows how exciting everything can really be. I've been in a relationship for a while now with an amazing women and I couldnt be happier. Christian really is one amazing guy that wants nothing else but to help people. The world needs more people like you. Cheers man!!?

I am a happy man!

By Serge P.
Verified Purchase

Hey Christian!! After learning a lot from you last year i was just in the right place and i met this awesome and most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life and i was able to go for it and win her heart by just being the best of me and just for you to know last sunday was our 1 year anniversary and i couldn't be happier to be in this awesome and healthy relationship. I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work.

I owe you my life!

By Anthony J.
Verified Purchase

Christian Hudson I owe my life to you. Your course is a lot more than just learning to get girls at first that is what got me sold a first that simple little petty idea. I never honestly never thought id be writing remotely anything to you because i was still in denial about my life and how i felt about it. Even after having the course for about 3 or 4 months now i was really not truly getting the real meaning behind it. I understood the genuine part instantly and started using it made lots of new friends and became very popular real quick. Even as great as that sounds i still felt empty inside and realized i was going to far ahead. The first thing you teach in the course about being real and genuine and figuring you're shit out was short and simple but on this day has effected me more than ever. its 6:36AM April 8th 2016 and for the first time every in my life on this day i can say i am truly happy. Although on the outside i always seemed like a stronger individual on the inside i was the weakest thing someone could look at at least that was how i felt. I've felt like that for as long as i could remember and it really effected how i lived my life and the choices i decided to make with it whether i like to admit it or not. I was honestly somewhat in tears while writing this because i've never felt so amazing in my life to be truly happy always seemed like a distant dream. You give a lot more than advice with ladies your honestly doing the world a favor and if i ever had the chance to meet you in real life id give you the biggest hug a man could offer.

Thanks for the confidence !

By David M.
Verified Purchase

Anyways, whenever I enter a room now whether it's in a bar, club, whatever, I don't go into the situation desperate and fear-ridden. I am more of an introverted type, so a lot of times I'll just sit at a bar and play video games on my phone like a super cool guy, but if someone catches my eye I don't hesitate.

So this past weekend I was in a club, and despite my picky taste in women one actually caught my eye which I wasn't really expecting. One thing led to another and we were dancing real close, getting pretty physical, she was into it, I was into know the drill.

All of that being said, I just wanted to share this story with you and give you a humble 'thanks' because this thing that looked like a big scam that I decided to take a chance on really worked out for me. It not only helped me be successful with meeting women that I am attracted to, but it helped me view myself in a different light, and that's so much more important than any hookup that could come out of using the system. So thanks, and good luck on your future projects!

x1000 starsss

By Theostravos K.
Verified Purchase

Before I took the training, I was lucky to get a date maybe once a month. I consider myself a good guy. The few relationships I've had were amazing, but they seemed to fall apart from what felt was out of my control. Now, after the training, I understand the little things I was doing wrong. This program isn't at all like other dating advice I've come across. Christian gives simple pointers about how to and what to do, without coming across as a douche or changing who you are, which surprised me. Most tactics I've seen have all been about being a testosterone filled jerk to force a girl to submit to you. This is not like that at all. If anything, when applied appropriately, you will come across as the most interesting gentleman that is the obvious choice for any woman. Thanks Christian X1000! These programs are life savers.

Awesome group date I went on that was so much fun: A game of truth or dare at a Walmart. See where the night takes you

Love it! Learning to better myself.

By Mark S.
Verified Purchase

Hi guys,Just wanted to say i’ve only just started this gfas training and… Wow! The great thing about it is that its not just about bettering yourself with women, its about bettering yourself in life full stop. I love this approach as you can stay true to yourself and long term this will be beneficial as its not the short cut route that some pick up artists like to teach. I already feel like i have an aura about me, and girls suddenly can’t take their eyes off me! It’s like i’m on a different level. It’s only been a few days!!

Can’t wait to keep learning more!

Keep up the great work guys. Life’s a game, lets win it ;)